Method to import used Japanese cars

Though my relative married an American (following rice) person, and the person said, I said that the purchase price of the Japanese used car was too cheap.
The price that I bought for 300,000 yen in Japan bought it in 1 million or more with the rice, and it was said that the Japanese car bought in particular it at a high price.
Though I invited you to the U.S. trip though it was a digression and went for a drive with rice, as for the car, approximately 80% was a Japanese car (in addition, the truck only looked at several Japanese car 2t trucks a truck to small - tractor-trailer made in rice)
Possibly if devise a system exporting Japanese used cars in large quantities, think of big money nowadays
Oh, there is it now because I cannot do it.
I exported it in the company which exported used trucks to Southeast Asia and was in charge.
That the Japanese grinds a chassis right in the two,
In addition, though I think that the imagination is not possible that I use it, and such a car is a success
I am popular abroad. Because weld it; good.
In that way he/she treats you like used parts when I expose it, and import duties become cheaper.
There are many countries which spend a high duty on a used car of the import to protect the auto industry and the distributor of the own country.

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