about Toyota Hiace wagon

Of course and I carry much baggage at a stretch or customize it for oneself, and dreamlike car, it which the space where a room seemed to enter in one of a car entirely can create are Hiace of Toyota for a wagon and Vamba's of Japan where a lot of people can carry the baggage to at all.
The model of the Hiace greatly distributes it, and there are four kinds.
It is a van type to carry a lot of baggage, a commuter wagon type to carry a lot of people, a special vehicle type and a welfare vehicle type.
There are two kinds of ten-passenger and the 14-passenger in the commuter wagon type, and various body colors can choose both.
The specifications use is infinite and, as a car to go out between for the service transportation to customers or a big family and friends as as business or duties, opens.
It is a van type to have taken the space as the compartment widely.
The compartment head is up to 3,540mm.
It is the length that I can load with the thing having a long Persia carpets of aluminum three ladder and approximately 8 tatami approximately 7-8m in total length in margin.
In addition, the compartment width is up to 1,730mm.
It is the wide width that 60 inches of LCD televisions are just delivered to within width.
If it is a small-sized woman, it is wide so as to be able to lie to width.
Compartment High School is up to 1,635mm more.
Putting in and out of the baggage is also possible in margin if it is a small-sized person with standing without stooping down.

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